Pendragon Knights

"Godspeed" - Edmund Blair Leighton
‘God Speed’ – Edmund Blair Leighton

First Campaign – 495 AD

Arcavius, Sir (Simon) – Praetor of Dorset, son of Marshal Dekmar of Dorchester. Arcavius wants Dorset back from the Saxons by eating them away from the edges and fermenting dissent from within.

Brion, Sir (Simon) – a crazy Irish knight eventually embraced by Lillane.

Cynan, Lord (Mike) – Earl of Rydychan, knight and Champion of Epona. Cynan wants to be the best Champion of Epona ever and remove the 3rd brother from the castle – for his mother-in-law.

Emils, Sir (Michael) – Knight from Champagne (France) searching for a Christian champion.

Niani, Lady (Jenny) – a female knight trying to establish herself in a male dominated society. Niani wants to get back to Anfar Refinli, otherwise build a local empire. She also wants to investigate the new castle and the strange neighbors.

Rhodri, Lord (Ben)  – Earl of Jagent, Cymric Pagan born 474 AD – son of the mercenary knight Gwrfelling. Rhodri was knighted on the battlefield in 495 AD. He likes Arthur, Jeanne, family, original Roman Empire, Mithras, playing the harp, adventuring. He dislikes fall of the Roman Empire, Saxons and the Fae (but doesn’t talk about that one).

Second Campaign – 520 AD