History of Clan Bahari

Lilith believed She was Adam’s equal, as they were both made by God out of the dust of the earth. When Adam demanded Lilith be subservient to him, i.e. lie beneath him as they coupled, She refused.

“We were created equal, and thus we shall make love in equal positions.”

Adam tried to force Lilith to submit to his demands, so She uttered the Divine Name (the secret true name of God) and flew away from the Garden of Eden to the Red Sea. Adam begged God to return Lilith to him, so God sent three Enforcer Angels – Senoy, Sansenoy and Abdiel – to bring Lilith back from Her cave on the shore of the Red Sea.

Lilith refused to return to Adam, defying God’s will. The angels were angered by their lack of power to compel Lilith, and threatened to kill any children She might have if She did not comply. Lilith remained defiant, as She knew the Divine Name and this gave Her power over God. She was more than a match for the three angels. Senoy and Sansenoy succumbed to their sudden all-consuming desire for Lilith. Abdiel fled back to Heaven with news of Lilith’s continued defiance, and the fall from Grace of his two companions.

When Senoy and Sansenoy eventually returned to Heaven, they informed God of Lilith’s retaliatory threat. If any of Her children were harmed, She would slay the children of Adam. Clan Bahari scholars have long since maintained that Lilith never made this threat – that this was a lie perpetrated by the two Enforcer Angels to avenge their shame over coupling with Lilith. This retaliatory threat is completely at odds with Clan Bahari’s stated vow of protecting children, the children of Adam as well as the children of Lilith, as demanded and enforced by Lilith Herself.

Some little time later Lilith sought sanctuary with Sama’el, the Fallen. After Lilith gave birth to Sama’el’s daughter Lelia, God cursed Lelia for Her parent’s defiance. Lelia became the first vampire. Beloved by Her parents and having inherited much of their powers, Lelia maintains Her Bloodline in closely guarded secret. Lilith then bore Sama’el a son, a demon prince who they named Lucifer. Several other children followed Lucifer, all sons and daughters of Sama’el.

Lilith raised all of Her wild, passionate and individually unique children with love, tempering their extremes and teaching them compassion. The children inherited much of their mother’s dark powers and free spirited nature, and grew to young adulthood under the watchful eyes of their defiant parents. Lilith taught Lelia the secret name of God, making Lelia the most powerful of Her children.

After the temptation in the Garden, Eve also bore Sama’el a son, Cain. Eve raised Cain as Adam’s son until Cain slew his brother Abel. Eve blamed Sama’el for Cain’s actions, saying Sama’el’s blood had poisoned Cain towards his brother. The truth of Cain’s parentage was out.

God cursed Cain for murdering his brother. The newly vampiric Cain languished in the depths of “God’s curse”, full of self loathing and rage. This, his guilt over Abel’s murder and his knowledge of who his real father was caused Cain to become an angry, bitter and lonely recluse. He fled out into the desert wilderness.

Cain sought succor with Lilith, who awakened his own formidable powers and taught him some of Her magic. Cain repaid Lilith by murdering Her children and leaving their bodies to rot in the ruins of Bahari, the garden Lilith and Sama’el had made in the likeness of Eden.

Only Lelia and Lucifer escaped the slaughter, hidden from Cain and his minions by Lelia’s special power. Lelia’s Bloodline now plans its revenge on the Kindred, Cain’s vampire descendants. Gehenna will come to the Kindred on a cold and bitter day, sometime soon.