The Circle of Order

The Circle of Order identifies those Powers from various eternal realms who serve the greater good, in whatever form they believe it to be. Clan Bahari stands firmly with the other members of the Circle against all agents of evil.

The Circle of Order




Angels Michael
Archangel and Demiurge
The Fallen
Cthulhu The King in Yellow
Lord of the Outer Realms
Outer Gods
Were Wolves, Cats Crocodiles
Undying Lillane of Clan Bahari
Queen of Shadows
First of the Kindred
Devils Lucifer Morningstar
Prince of the Dawn
Wraiths Charon, the Ferryman
Emissary from Arcadia
Fae Oberon and Titania
Seelie Court
Ailil and Morgaine
Unseelie Court
Magical Creatures Lady Voklaynn, Queen of the Air
Lord Anwyn, Prince of Stars
Varis the Black
Undead Dragon Necromancer
Humanity Merlin and
The Enlightened Ones