Moon Beast Colony, Dark Side of the Moon

Athos, Sheriff of Ulthar, Kellion O’Shay and several of Ulthar’s finest come through the Dreamlands gate, having activated it from the other side. Dresdina Belle Cooper’s research into the diaries of Diana Winthrop van Hasalt has paid off big time.

On the other side of the Dreamlands gate awaits Cooper, some more of Ulthar’s finest and a boarding detail from the Princess Ark, led by (?). Cooper is using Diana’s diary as a guide for how to get the team home.

Work through the Dreamlands write up, beginning at the top of page 24. Include details from the bottom two paragraphs on page 26. Don’t forget the backlash from the detonation on the other side of the gate.

On passing through the gate, the remaining thermonuclear weapon becomes a magic device of great destructive power, endangering the Dreamlands and, by extension, Earth itself. After the team boards the Princess Ark, (?) will inform Snow of the risk to both worlds. The device must be taken out of the Dreamlands, and perhaps out of Earth as well, as it will not return to its former state.

Introductions are made once the Princess Ark has evaded (or destroyed) the black galley of the moon beast servants. The journey to the Cerenarian Sea is uneventful – restful and poetic with healing available for those who need it.

Cerenarian Sea, north of the island of Mtal

Five black galleys manned by moon servants (men of Leng) close in on the Princess Ark, tired now from her journey. Outnumbered, outgunned and slower than the galleys, the crew of the Princess Ark put up a mighty fight against their foes.

If all is looking hopeless, Donnelly and Cooper will pray for help. Perhaps Ilsenburg will as well. If so, a comet appears on the horizon that closes with the galleys and engages them. Unlucky galleys – Abdiel and Si Ling combine to destroy them all. Abdiel takes great delight in slaying the black dragon spirits that emerge from the wreckage of each galley.

“So many find us only in dreams. But in dreams, we are most potent.” After joining the crew of the Princess Ark, Abdiel reverts to “holy paladin” guise while Si Ling reverts to bird form and stays on Abdiel’s shoulder.

“On the nature of life, death and the spaces in between.” Abdiel begins sorting the Living (bodily in the Dreamlands) from the Dreamers (bodily on Earth) from the Dead (just passing through) from the Dreams (constructs created through use of the Dreaming skill).

Abdiel and Si Ling then leave – they have a ball to attend and Abdiel has to find his bow tie.

Voyage to the Enchanted Wood

The Princess Ark sails past Hlanith and into the mouth of the Oukranos River. Sailing upriver she passes the city of Thran (to starboard) and sails under a bridge over the Oukranos. A little further upriver she stops and the crew weigh anchor in the lee of the Enchanted Wood. Here the team from Earth disembarks. Cooper, Athos and O’Shay remain aboard for the return voyage to Hlanith.

The Enchanted Wood

After warnings to beware of the Zoogs, the team travels into the depths of the Enchanted Wood looking for a point of connection with the Waking World. After seeing many wonders (and a successful spot hidden) they see a very large bison standing in a clearing. Walking towards the bison is an elderly man waving a large square red cloth at it.

The team has unknowingly passed from the Dreamlands to the Bialowiecza National Park, Poland. The man is the park’s former Bison Master, Wlodzimirez Piroznikov and he is attempting to get the bison to move out of his way so he can continue his afternoon walk.