D&D Adventurers

Ashrem (Craig) – Ranger / Fighter / Druid, tribal human that strives to balance nature in the face of encroaching civilization

Dangov, Ludmilla Vladimirovna (Jenny) – Traldaran Cleric, Bishop of the Church of Traladara.

Ludmilla Vladimirovna Dangov
Ludmilla Vladimirovna Dangov

Ludmilla is originally from Specularum and has a magical owl named “Meyric”, named after her Dragon Mage lover. Ludmilla wants to smite Bargle and Elendorath while pursuing her relationship with the blue dragon Mage, Meyric.

Meyric the Owl
Meyric the Owl

“Fly” – once every 24 hours, 8 hour duration. By day the owner can see through the owl’s eyes, hear with its ears and give it general directions of flight and return. By night all of the previous, plus (if the owner concentrates very hard) the owner can detect vague intentions of humans or creatures encountered. When the owner is attempting to see, hear or detect through Meyric, no other spell casting or movement is possible. The owl determines night and day from the position of the sun, not the position of the owner.

“Attack” – five round duration, once per 24 hours and independent of the above. The owner has no need to concentrate once the attack command has been given. The owl turns into an owl-bear, a huge bear-like creature with the head of a giant owl, 8′ tall, 1500 lbs, alignment Neutral. If the owl is in flight when the owner gives the attack command, it lands on the ground before it turns into an owl-bear

Dromirecki, Vlad (Mike) – Traldaran Fighter. Vlad is originally from Specularum, capital of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, and has a magical intelligent poleaxe named “Orcsbane”. Vlad wants to smite Bargle and Elendorath, kill orcs and pursue his relationship with the lovely Aleena.


Poleaxe (a type of pole arm), two-handed weapon, 2.1 m long, 2.9 kg. Consists of a large axe with a hammer opposite, mounted on a long shaft. Mostly used for chopping attacks. Durable, can be thrown (difficult), easy to use effectively.

Intelligent (12). Speaks Traldaran, Orcish, Elvish (Alfheim), and alignment tongue (Neutral). Must hold the poleaxe before it can speak. Can read the listed languages as well if the wielder is holding the poleaxe and looking at the writing. Poleaxe has no wisdom, so relies on the wielder for decision making and guidance. Ego = 12. Willpower = 25. Will attempt to gain control of the wielder in some situations.

Knows Read Magic, See Invisible (within 20′), Detect Gems (within 60′), Detect Metal (any type requested within 60′ – won’t know amount), Detect Evil (within 20′), Healing (1d6 per day, 1 HP per round). When detecting will point in the direction of the target.

When using the poleaxe to fight orcs, the wielder has +1 to all saving throws and inflicts double damage.

Istvan (Simon) – a thief

Kubinski, Yakov (Ben) – Traldaran Mage. Son of a peasant family in Vorloi demesnes who came to the notice of the Baron. Baron Vorloi sponsored Yakov to the Mage Guild. Although Baron Vorloi provided aid without seeking anything in return, Yakov has constantly sought to aid the Baron where he can.

Yakov is in love with Dona Marianita and often gets Lord Grygori gifts. Yakov wants to become a better mage, smite Bargle and strengthen Karamekios, improve the lot of the Traldar and get to know Baron Vorloi and his family. He has an intense dislike of dragons, having been killed by one twice now.

Yakov is the current owner of the little magical toy monkey, “Dancer”.


The owner of the monkey can give it the command “Dance” once every 24 hours, upon which the monkey becomes active for the next 12 hours. The owner must concentrate when they are picturing in their mind what they want the monkey to do, otherwise it will behave of its own accord when activated. Results of pictured instructions may be unexpected if the monkey is operating out of the owner’s sight.

Intelligence = 12, Dexterity = 18, HP = 21. Skills are Open Locks (85%), Remove Traps (80%), Pick Pockets (85%), Move Silently (99%), Climb Sheer Surfaces (99%), Hide in Shadows (99%), Hear Noise (1 to 5 on a d6).

“Hide” – all of the above but the monkey is now invisible.

Sandarker (Simon)  – a Shadow Elf Paladin

Talos (Craig) – Elven noble and wizard