Alexandria Mary MacDonald

Alexandria: feminine of Alexander – “defender of men”

Mary: “the bitter”, Hebrew, myrrh, common form of Miriam

Height / weight: 5 feet 3 inches tall / 115 pounds
Voice: Soprano
Born: 10th September 1897 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – American
Birth sign: Virgo
Birth stones: Sapphire, agate, jacinth, opal
Birth flowers: Valerian
Partner: Josh Eberhardt
Occupation Author, journalist and photographer
Residence: Los Angeles, California
Drives: Stutz Model BB Blackhawk Boattail Speedster 1928
Reads / Writes: English
Weapons: Handgun, shotgun


Alexandria (“Alex”) is a very small woman with shoulder length curly red hair, green eyes, pale ivory skin and freckles. Alex is always tastefully dressed, often in her favourite colour of emerald green, and presents an immaculate appearance.

She has very good taste in clothes but is not a slavish follower of fashion, hence her long hair. Alex sticks to dateless classic styles accented by antique jewellery and old things and is always very neat and fresh in her appearance.

Although small in height, Alex is well proportioned and of slim build, having beautifully shaped hands and feet, slim limbs and large soulful eyes. She has a serious thoughtful aspect to her facial features and expression.


Her intellectual scope, preference for analytical work and her humane instinct have guided Alex toward a career in literature and journalism, specialising in photography to highlight her written work.

Alex enjoys travel of any kind, especially air travel, and is an exceptional billiards and snooker player, having learnt from her father and his friends in some of Pittsburgh’s more famous pool halls.

She is much preoccupied with keeping fit, watches what she eats and drinks and does not smoke. She likes walking and tennis as an exercise, but is terrified of horses.

Alex runs her home perfectly and is a good housekeeper. She never runs into debt as she meticulously keeps track of consumables so nothing goes to waste. Her home is not overcrowded with furniture and she prefers neutral shades of furnishings.


Alex is a very praiseworthy person with strong moral principles, a “do as you would be done by” person. She has strong humanitarian qualities, a caring attitude and will do what she can to alleviate suffering and further the cause of justice.

Alex can continue an intelligent discussion without getting into a heated argument on hearing a different opinion. She will never behave embarrassingly. She has an obsessive need to keep busy and gives unsolicited advice (under the best of intentions) usually tinged with criticism. She rarely gives unqualified praise and is quick to spot flaws and suggest corrective measures. She can be a fault finder par excellence but offers constructive criticism.

Alex is a pure minded perfectionist and does not instinctively believe the worst. She is easily offended by crude jests and possesses a quality of innocence which should not be mistaken for ignorance. Alex will never flaunt a sexual conquest in order to arouse envy or jealousy. Her sex appeal stems from her wholesome quality. She is the woman men will want to settle down with, she does not favour casual affairs. However, she is in no hurry to marry as she is well involved with her career.

Alex is practical, industrious and extremely conscientious about her work. She is methodical and thorough, especially when learning is involved and loves to gather knowledge. She has patience and perseverance and will master anything that attracts her attention. Those who interest her will have her undivided attention, her long memory will catalogue grievances, promises and postponements. Alex lacks self-confidence and tends to underrate her abilities.

When called on to exercise authority, Alex does so on equal terms with her associates rather than take full responsibility and needs to have moral as well as physical support.

Alex harbours anxieties about the future and faith and optimism are in short supply. She tends to fear the worst. Alex is thrifty and cautious and may pass up opportunities for advancement if she is doubtful about them. She will make great efforts to provide for her future security without taking risks in the present.

Although Alex is loyal to her nearest and dearest, she is very clear sighted about the short comings of relatives, Josh and her close friends and not at all slow to remind them of these.


Alex has been educated to PhD level; the latter years at high school and all her years at university via scholarships.

Primary (1902 to 1907)

Secondary (1908 to 1913)

University (1914 to 1917) – Bachelor of Arts, Honours (BA Hons), English language and literature.

Journalism and Photography.


Alex is a freelance journalist and photographer. Many leading newspapers and magazines have carried her articles, stories and photographs. Alex is currently working on her first novel as well as covering newsworthy events in many countries.

Family Details

Alex is the only daughter of a Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) steelworker of Scottish-American heritage, seventh and youngest child of her parents. Two of her six brothers are members of the Pittsburgh Police Department.

Read The Morning After for the story of how Alex first met Josh Eberhardt.

Personal Timeline


1878 December
Kenneton Wells, Arizona
The Wild West
1921 late November to 1922 end March
Napier, New Zealand
1923 August
Lancashire, England
Horse of the Invisible
1923 end August
Lancashire, England
The Red Witch
1923 early November
Napier, New Zealand
Sirens II
1924 end January Fear of Flying
1924 May Occult and Cult
1924 November 21st to 31st Orient Express
1925 July 11th to 13th School’s Out
1925 August 8th To Aid a Friend
1925 September 23rd Temple of the Moon
1925 November
Kenneton Wells, Arizona
The Wild West


Colt 45 automatic
12 gauge shotgun, hammerless, self-ejecting
Gun maintenance kit


$33, 000 in bonds, stocks and shares
$15, 000 worth of land in the Hollywood Hills
$2, 600 worth of furniture
$5, 000 worth of first edition books – Poe “Collected Tales”, Stoker “Dracula”, Shelly “Frankenstein” and Le Fanu “Carmilla”