Angela Taylor

Angela Taylor
Angela Taylor
Height / weight:5 feet 7 inches tall / 147 pounds
Voice:Soprano (soft and high speaking voice)
Perfume:Yves Saint Laurent’s “Opium”
Born:6th April 1959 in London, Great Britain – British
Birth sign:Aries
Birth stones:Diamonds
Birth flowers:Sweet Pea and Daisy
Husband:Harry Vincent
OccupationComputer security expert
Residence:London, England
Drives:1928 Stutz Blackhawk Boattail Speedster
Reads / Writes:English
Weapons:Handgun, sub-machine gun, flame thrower, club, long-arm

Angela is a British computer security expert working for the UK Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), and is responsible for MI6’s “Cthulhu Computer”. Her job is to identify and track cultists worldwide so MI6 can keep tabs on them and assess their threat potential to the UK. She works closely with her counterparts in the UK Security Service (MI5) in neutralizing cult related threats on UK soil.

Angela is linked to Jefferson Dean through her Delta Green connections and provides advice to Dean on the occult applications of high technology. She also has first hand knowledge of Kenneth Allard and Savage Island, as she lived there for a year during 1925 to 1926 courtesy of a time travel gate.



Angela has fair skin, shoulder length curly brown / auburn hair, light brown eyes and a small scar above her right eyebrow. She dresses in expensive tailored business suits in strong colors (i.e. rich dark blue, wine red or burgundy, deep forest green, black) with paler silk shirts and jewelry, black silk stockings and high heels. On special occasions Angela dresses in original 1920s designer gowns and jewelry.


Aries with much Dove (check Myers Briggs). Cool, calm and collected. Reserved manner, hard to get to know. Dismissive of “fools”.


Angela is a veteran gate traveler and Dreamer, but after six terrifying time and or reality jumps she asked a Swan May to grant her a Wish. Angela can no longer time travel, do body transfers, visit the Dreamlands or travel through gates.


Private Girls School: primary and secondary education. University of Technology: Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Studies.


Science and high technology, particularly computers. Mythology and legends, comparative religions and occultism, 1920s history and society, writing and guns. Independently wealthy.

Timeline of Events

Order of Events

Personal Timeline


12Mythical IrelandBeast in the Abbey
31899 JulyThe Game’s Afoot, Watson
41925 early MayThe Game’s Afoot, Watson
51925 May to 1926 end AprilLives on Savage Island at Lake Champlain, Vermont (USA), and works for Kenneth Allard. Meets Megan McConnell, a deaf woman who is Kenneth’s librarian, and Michal Hertzeanu.
111925 July 20thBeast in the Abbey (Alternate America)
61926 May 3rdTo Go Where No Man Has Gone Before
11983 October 12th to 1984 late MarchShoggoths at Sea
21984 early MayThe Game’s Afoot, Watson
71984 early MayTo Go Where No Man Has Gone Before
81989 AugustHarry’s Mess – Angela’s partner from the 1920s, Harry Vincent, disappears from their house in the country outside of London. He returns a month later with no explanation other than claiming to have spent a month with the fairies.  After much persistence with Harry, Angela is eventually able to follow up some of what happened. Clues lead to a fairy party outside of Las Vegas, which was attacked by Neo-Nazis. Angela and Harry separate soon after this adventure.  Harry still lives in their house in the country outside of London.
91990Angela accepts an invitation from Michal and Megan to work with them and their employer, Dr Magnus Farquharson, at an estate in Scotland. They are in charge of a highly sophisticated computer that required watertight security, as it houses Cthulhu Mythos information. Angela wonders how these women arrived from the 1920s. A couple of years later, Magnus, Michal and Megan all mysteriously disappear.
101991 December 23rd to 1992 end JanuaryBeast in the Abbey
131992 MarchLooking for Algren’s Home
141992 AprilAfterwards, Angela returns to London and begins working for British Intelligence (MI6). Her first job is to identify the cultists in Scotland Yard, so they can be “dealt with”. Angela starts a reconciliation with Harry Vincent, then they marry. Angela keeps her surname.
151998 March 6thAirport



38 revolver
Sub-machine gun
Gun maintenance kit
Flame thrower


Two ceremonial solid silver swords that are not able to be identified (don’t belong to any known culture)
One large book in a scaled cover (scales not identifiable) containing a history of sacrificial cults

Book and Ceremonial Swords
Book and Ceremonial Swords


Returned to 1925 London with £60,000 in gold from the people who sent the party back to locate the machine god

£350,000 of antiques, valuables, first editions, paintings by 1920’s painters, stamps, coins, jewelry, some designer 1920’s original clothes and gowns

1926 Evening Gown
1926 Evening Gown
1926 Bandeau
1926 Bandeau

Original Character Sheet

Character Sheet - Angela Taylor - Page 1
Character Sheet – Angela Taylor – Page 1
Character Sheet - Angela Taylor - Page 2
Character Sheet – Angela Taylor – Page 2