USMC Fireteam SG-21

Colonel Jerry Snow – USMC (Mike)

  • make General, then Chief of Staff – career soldier
  • improve his golf and fishing
  • confident he has the means to deal with all the weird stuff

Major Otto Ilsenburg- USMC Intelligence (Simon)

  • survive the weird stuff with sanity intact
  • patriotic, serve his country
  • remain in Intelligence as a Major
  • get Jefferson Dean to communication skills training
  • find out more about what’s going on

Major Kris Morrissey – USMC (Jenny)

Captain David Goldfarb – US Navy (Ben)

New York Jew who looks like Jude Law. Almost became a Rabbi, but became a Doctor instead. Joined the Navy and was assigned eventually to the US Embassy in Brazil.

Likes bagels, ’80s new wave music and old black and white mystery movies. Dislikes undead, Go-auld and innocents getting hurt. David wants to become a sorcerer and learn the weird stuff, as well as learn about Antonio and Angela.

Gunnery Sergeant Doug Anderson – USMC (Craig)