The White Magicians

Robert Anthony (Simon)

Retired to contemplate the insides of his eyelids after “too many monsters”.

Dr Alexander Notting (Ben)

Intense middle-aged archaeologist, Professor at Harvard University. After extremely trying experiences on Roanoke Island, Arkansas and from the UK through the Caribbean and Atlantis to the 1990’s, has decided that going back to a faculty and never, ever leaving is a “good” thing.

Professor Edwin Occultree (Simon)

Yale University.

Kellion O’Shea (Ben)

Short, red-haired Irishman who looks like a bearded Kenneth Brannagh. Was a British SAS sniper specialist, now a public speaker and successful author who is called in occasionally by Jefferson Dean for assignments requiring his talents. Likes playing cards, hunting and singing. Dislikes serious people, plain clothes, Hollywood and cultists (how can they be so stupid?).

Sydney George Washington aka  “Snake” (Mike)

Private investigator, ex-CIA.

Max Willis aka “Loki” (Craig)

Computer hacker and street racer.