Nephilim NPCs

Mark (aka Azrael, the Angel of Death) has taken a shine to Remy and claims Remy is his apprentice and has been so in past incarnations. Mark first appeared to Remy as a very large Raven, but in human form looks like Jackie Estacado, The Darkness.

Gabby Martin, an Air Ka angel of the Emperor Arcanum. 18 years old, blond, blue eyes, rides a Kawasaki Ninja motor bike and wears black leather. Innocent abroad. Some knowledge of Nephilim matters. Skilled at “awakening” nascent Nephilim.

Arkie Whitmore, Gabby’s mentor and lover. Actually the angel “Arkiel”, a powerful member of the heavenly choir. Arkie has blond hair with gold highlights, pale skin, a very melodious voice and eyes like blue sky.

Scorcher, a fire imp and one of Gorbodok’s kind with a passion for burning things. Teaching James how to be “real hot”.

Euterpe, one of the Greek muses and a superb flute player. Euterpe has been sent by Zeus to keep an eye on Nick and teach him “what he should know this time”. Euterpe appears and behaves like a sixteen-year-old girl going on 25.

Padthuen, a Pooka who is Robert’s companion. Padthuen likes to appear as the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, and likes heavy metal music, LOUD.

Professor Matthew Patterson, a man with a lot of experience in weird stuff. After assisting the group with their first initiation, Matthew has returned home to Cornwall. The group has received a photo of him and his wife Ninian with “Art”, their English sheepdog, and postcards of Cornwall with invitations to visit.

Richard, Remy’s friend. An Afro-American who has a crush on Gabby.

Carol Davenport, a Magician Arcanum courier who lives in Washington D.C.