Nephilim PCs

Nick Church (Mike)

A computer consultant. Nick is really “Cara”, an Air Ka Pegasus of the Emperor Arcanum, who “awakened” as the result of a series of visions. Mercury has given Nick a special dagger for “frightening Gorgons”. Nick’s stasis object is a Staff of Rule and his significant other is Helen White, also a computer consultant.

Nick’s past lives include:

  • Thebes, 1485 to 1215 BC, as an artist who was murdered by the Mysteries of Isis
  • Paris, 1630 to 1690 AD, as an actor and travelling minstrel who was burned as a witch.

Nick wants more work.

Remy Hathaway (Simon)

A student. Remy is really “Remiel”, an Air Ka angel of the Magician Arcanum, who “awakened” as the result of meditation guided by another dancer in his class. Remy’s stasis object is an iron bound Koran, his significant other is Bethany Miller, a acting and theater student who works as a waitress, and his nemesis is Hellina, a female demon and 3rd Rank Hell Bound Assassin.

Remy’s past lives include:

  • Spain, 1212 to 1252 AD, as a Toledo scholar who was killed by a Spanish Crusader
  • London, 1590 to 1635 AD, as an alchemist who was exiled for witchcraft and killed by the Inquisition
  • London, 1933 to 1952 AD, when he died as a victim of crime.

Remy wants to arrange a date between Mark and Hellina, and to find out more about his past life apprenticeships to the Angel of Death.

Kate Hennessey (Jenny)

Kate is an awakened fox spirit.

Robert Howard (Craig)

A psychiatrist. Robert is really “Leuthwin”, an Unseelie Fae and Prince Ailil’s Champion. Robert’s stasis object is a copper oil flask, his companion is a Pooka named Padthuen, and his nemesis is the Captain, Lord Oberon’s Champion.

Robert’s past lives include:

  • Carthage, 330 to 220 BC, as a high priestess named Karalis who was slain by Romans
  • France, 1699 to 1789 AD, as a soldier who was guillotined for political reasons
  • London, 1841 to 1916 AD, as a doctor who was killed in a zepplin raid.

Robert has received a communication via Padthuen – “Greetings friend Leuthwin. My servant Padthuen will be your guide. May you serve your Prince again. Until the Autumn. Ailil.”

James Martel (Ben)

Ex USMC Private, was 5′ red head, now 6′ 6″ tall, becoming “Nordenskald”, a Fire Ka fire giant of the Strength Arcanum. James “awakened” as the result of a near death experience involving fire. His stasis object is an iron bastard sword and his nemesis is an ice giantess named the Snow Queen, with whom he shares “a past”.

Likes pottery, cooking and smithing. Dislikes the sea, rainy days and quiet days.

James’ past lives include:

  • Germany, 695 to 850 AD, as a knight in Saxony who overcame the Snow Queen, who became his enemy – he was killed by Roland and his Paladins
  • Jerusalem, 1060 to 1190 AD, as a crusading knight from Saxony who was killed by European Crusaders
  • Germany, 1891 to 1944 AD, as a soldier and spy (military intelligence) on the Eastern Front who was killed by the Thule Brudershaft.

James wants to become a private investigator, visit a volcano in South America, find out how Scorcher (his demonic tutor) can help him and find out more about the Snow Queen.