Anfar Refinli

Neil wrote two moves in a play-by-mail featuring Voklaynn and Tintagel, and I ran several episodes based in Anfar Refinli’s Summer Country, a Celtic Fae realm where the Powers (minor gods and goddesses) lived. After my turn as the Summer Country GM, Neil added “Transition”, “Rhinnatania”, and “Interlude”.

Transition is a Summer Country story in which Voklaynn and Tintagel visit Mabhan, the Power of Music and Crafted Musical Instruments.

Rhinnatania is also a Summer Country story in which Tintagel serves as the catalyst for a confrontation between the wizardess Rhinnatania and Dian Cecht, the Power of Healing and War.

Interlude is a story of Voklaynn’s alter ego, the White Saurian, in which she learns how the Saurians attempt to correct the destabilising activities of the Ogre Invaders.

I translated Voklaynn and Tintagel over to my Earth-based campaigns after Neil died. They initially appeared in my Arthurian Britain campaign, then in my Dark Ages campaign.