Dark Ages


The initial setting for events is north eastern Spain, beginning late 1189 AD. The location is Sadaba Castle in the southern foothills of Sierra de la Pena, just west of the Riguel River.

Sadaba Castle
Sadaba Castle


In the beginning … the story of Lilith and the birth of Clan Bahari is told in the History of Clan Bahari.

Alliances between Clan Bahari and other factions of order are described in The Circle of Order. The known primary agents of each faction are also listed.

Meet the new “Antediluvians”.

Recent Events

1189 July 6 – England’s King Henry II dies

1189 September 3 – Richard I crowned King of England

1189 December 11 – Richard sails from Dover

1190 July – French and English set out from Marseilles for the 2nd Crusade, stuck in Sicily until 10 April 1191

Queen Berengaria and Cypress (now a Christian base)

1191 June 6 – Tyre

Beginning Late 1189 AD …

Clan Bahari Powers

Life Sense:

  1. Sense Life
  2. Alter Simple Patters, Heal Self
  3. Alter Self, Heal Life, Transform Simple Patterns, Create Simple Patterns
  4. Alter Complex Life Patterns, Transform Self
  5. Transform Complex Life Patterns, Create Complex Life Patterns, Perfect Metamorphosis

Shape Change:

  1. Become Animal (no awareness), Human Shape (change one minor part)
  2. Become Animal (self aware), Human Shape (change one major feature or several minor features)
  3. Partial Change, Add Characteristics
  4. Communicate with Other Animals, Specific Skills
  5. Inflict on Others

Available Knowledge

Mathematics, navigation (astrolabe), medicine, astronomy, geometry, dynamics, optics, philosophy, logic, architecture, astrology, alchemy, divination, guides to the medicinal and magical properties of precious stones, chess, falconry, ranged and melee weapons skills, and religions.