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Mystara is my favourite D&D setting. I’ve run many adventuring parties through Mystara. I have nearly everything that was printed on Mystara, plus I trawl the Internet for related material. There is so much available to Mystara GMs that I’ll never get through it all.

D&D Adventurers

Grand Duchy of Karameikos

My first campaign was set in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. I started the campaign after I began playing in Neil Fraser’s Tharamaylor, so I transferred my favourite PCs from Tharamaylor to Karameikos, where they are now significant NPCs.

The campaign began with the party coming together and undertaking a series of adventures, during which they learned about their country, its peoples and the threats facing its continued survival. Events played through to date are outlined in the D&D Mystara Timeline.

The party was struggling with Viridis, a vengeful green dragon who usually wore an Elven disguise, and a renegade wizard named Bargle who intended to summon Elendorath, a move that wouldn’t have been good for Karameikos.

People of Karameikos

Thunder Rift

Thunder Rift is an ideal starter campaign for new characters. Once the characters “graduated” from Thunder Rift, I placed them in the Known World. Here, parties went in different directions based on their interests and the wishes of their Immortal sponsors.

The Eco-Warriors

This party took on the challenge of sorting out the ecological disaster that is the magic-enhanced forest of Alfheim. Having made quite an impact on the number of sentient trees in Alfheim, they are now building an epic stronghold on the eastern plains of Darokin.

The Half-Dragons

This party of metallic half-dragons from the Hall of the Dragon King left their isolated and reclusive brethren to learn about the larger world.

Wings Over Mystara

This is my current D&D campaign. It’s so big it has its own website.